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Elizabeth de la Torre

Going back to school is something we all must go through in time as we get older. While some don’t see this as an extra-ordinary day, week, or moment in life-they’d be right.

“Back to school” shopping may be fun while it lasts and as your mom lets you walk down the aisle choosing your favorite notebooks, or even if you’re a more experienced back to school supply shopper, choosing your favorite brands. However, beyond that you might feel a sense of dread to finally go back.

Take it from us, school is nothing to dread.

Here’s some advice for going back to school this year that will make a difference!

Try Something New

Whether its a new haircut, wardrobe choice, nail polish, or school supplies, the best thing to try new would be a personality check. This can make a big impact on going back to school refreshed.

Changing how you view the importance of homework, other people, your relationship with your family, and your respect for your school can positively affect you, your fellow classmates, and your relationships around you. Be the change you want to see in the world! Step outside of your comfort zone by standing up for being unique and smart.

Meet New People this Year

Move outside the realm of your average school day by joining other people at lunch. Going back to school can be a life changing experience if you treat it like one but its all up to you!

WE suggest that this year when you go back to school make plans to reach out to other students you see maybe not with too many friends, are bullied, or simply are quiet. These people will surprise you at how nice, fun, and relatable they can be. Just because to her people avoid them doesn’t mean they have nothing valuable to say or to add to a friendship.

Expand your Knowledge at the Library

Put down the novella or the teen romance novel and pick up some reading material at your local library that has something to offer you for your classes. If you are in algebra for example that look up books about the “meaning of algebra” or even about the careers that uses algebra. IF for example you like history then go to the library and find journals of actual people from your history book to hear their perspectives rather than the perspective of the teacher. The point is, take the time to learn more each time you go back to school.

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