5 Back to School Must-Haves for a Flawless Transition!

Jazmin Alvarez
Cheerful students jumping.

You’ll be as excited as these students when you go back to school!

Summer vacation is almost over and it’s time to go back to school shopping!  For some, it’s an exciting experience but for others it can be nerve-wrecking. Of course, we want to look our best and return to school with a brand new attitude but it’s overwhelming when we don’t know what to expect. Relax! We made a list of back to school must-haves so you can have the smoothest and most exciting transition!

  1. What’s inside your fabulous bag pack can determine your overall experience!

That’s right girls, carefully choose the items you will be packing for the big day – you want to be prepared for everything and look radiant after a long summer vacay! Essential things to include are your student ID, lunch money, snacks, mints, chap stick and any cosmetics, if any, so you can retouch your makeup.  Oh and don’t forget pads or tampons, you wouldn’t want mother nature to take you by surprise.

  1. Dress to impress!

In case you weren’t able to attract your crush last year, it’s time to get noticed! You’ll certainly catch him glancing at you if you’re wearing a fabulous outfit with the latest fashion trends. Complete your look with a freshly done manicure and a back to school hairstyle. Something simple but cute will do! FYI, braids are still in and you wouldn’t have to worry about retouching your hair. Don’t forget your best accessory – your smile. First impressions always count!

Student carrying notebooks smiling.

Don’t forget your smile, an important back to school must-have!

  1. Be prepared to meet your future BFF!

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to eat alone during lunch time! Make friends beforehand by bringing extra pencils and pens.  Sounds odd right?! But if the person next you came unprepared, then you can easily let them borrow a pencil and that, my friends, will easily spark conversation. Become known as the popular girl since day one by introducing yourself to everyone sitting around you and your teachers. Don’t be picky because the weirdo from your chemistry class may actually become your bff and help you study throughout the semester.  There’s nothing better than being smart and friendly!

  1. Don’t forget a map & check all deadlines!

If you haven’t noticed already, high school campuses are huge! And there’s nothing worse than struggling through a crowd of thousands of students on a time crunch without knowing where your classes are located. To avoid this disastrous scenario, print out a map from you high school’s website. If you’re thinking about joining any clubs or sports, check all deadlines to make sure you have the required paperwork. Joining clubs is a must! Research the clubs that your school has to offer and contact the teachers who are in charge of them.  Not only will you make friends and follow your interests but it also looks great on a resume!

  1.  What about back to school supplies?

Now that we’ve gone over the essentials to jump start your social life and avoid any disasters, it’s time to think about what school supplies are necessary on your first day of school. Since you won’t be expected to complete any major projects on your first day (or at least we hope) you won’t need much.  But without a doubt, you will need pencils, pens, an eraser, a pencil pouch, a folder or binder, dividers, a notebook or notebook paper, and an agenda – it’s a great idea to start writing down homework assignments and all important deadlines.  That way, you won’t forget! Take advantage of back to school deals while they last.

Students excited as they go back to school.

Your first day of school will be a pleasant experience as you meet new people and explore the campus, enjoy!

Now that you have an idea of the back to school must-haves, you’re ready to enjoy your first day of school! It’s important to be yourself and not obsess over your image. After all, it’s your personality that will make the best first impression. If you have any other tips or want to share your experience, feel free to comment. Here’s to a fabulous semester!



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