Show Off Your Glow Up With These Back To School Outfits

Jocelyn Pasillas

Let’s be real, the best part about starting a new school year is shopping for new clothes and supplies we get to show off and rock!

Even though back to school can be a roller coaster of emotions, you can at least be confident that whatever the circumstance is, you’re confident in your own skin.

And what better way to feel confident than with great and affordable style (right moms?)?

Stay well prepared with the nicest trends we’re all into, from winter cozy jackets, laced shirts, distressed jeans and way more from JCPenney, be sure to shop here for the best deals and coolest fashion.

Mix and match your wardrobe this school year with these following attires:

Feel like a JEANius with denim everything!

Fall is coming, make sure to update this seasons wardrobe and stay cozy. These new jackets are perfect for keeping your look on point but also keeping you nice and warm!

Perfect match for any bottoms is the extensive collection of tops that JCPenney offers, all at our taste, all super cute, and of course affordable rates.

Are you more worried about feeling comfortable after a tiring day at school? Well here are the perfect sets you can wear so you can be as comfy as possible


Are you ready to flaunt your new style at school this year? We think you are!

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