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Gabriela Alvarado

If you’re the type of Quince girl that doesn’t put her cell phone down, the best thing you can do is take advantage of the access it offers you.

Here are five free and easily accessible apps that will benefit your education or simply enrich your general knowledge:

how-much-do-you-know-about-history1. How much do you know about history?

This application will take you from the Stone Age to Greece, from the Renaissance to the Industrial revolution as well as current times. In simple and entertaining steps you will have access to a huge history book, within seconds you can easily look up anything regarding history.

nasa2. NASA App

If outer space interests you, this app is perfect for you.  NASA’s first official app provides updated information, latest tweets, views from the shuttles as well as videos and photos from different sources in NASA.

scientific-calculator3. Scientific graphing calculator/Symbolic calculator

If you’re a fan of math, learn to calculate formulas you have never seen before with this app. You can also create graphics, matrices and calculate derivatives.

world-wide-capitols4. Worldwide Capitals

Perhaps with your Quinceanera planning  you don’t have time to review worldwide capitals. With this app you can review capitals on the go with information everyone should know.



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