How to Improve your GPA in 4 Easy Steps

Grecia Hernandez


Getting good grades is not always about being smart and a total bookwork.

Of course these help however; when it comes to meeting any goals in life planning and organization are key to achieve success.

Which is why we’re about to tell you how you can easily improve your GPA by simply applying these into your daily school routine.

Check out the next 4 points and be prepared to excel:

1) Get a planner


Write down due dates, homework’s and exams, plan everything ahead of time, preferably as soon as your professor hands you the syllabus. This way, you are prepared for any soccer practice, quinceanera planning day and even party that might arise during the same day of an important school project or exam and study beforehand.

2) Create a daily schedule


A daily to do list is recommended, if you did not actually get what your teacher was explaining in class but felt too embarrassed to ask, write down “Ask teacher privately about exercise #4”. These are tactics that will help you become a better student. Assigning at least 20 minutes out of each day to go over what you learnt will also help you retain content in your brain and not leave it up to the day prior to the exam.

3) Pick a partner


Ask one of your friends or classmates to join you on this adventure so both of you improve your GPA. This usually makes things less boring and sometimes eve challenging as you can help one another strengthen your weaknesses and reach a goal together.

4) Reward yourself


Set weekly goals and earn a treat! For example, write down on your agenda: If I get a B on this week’s math quiz I will get myself a chocolate bar. You can even add your parents to the mix and ask for a larger allowance amount if the improvement is extremely great!

Apply yourself chica and in no time, you’ll be a successful student!



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