A Useful Guide to Prepare for College

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The decision to attend college is not to be made in one day. It is a process of integration that starts in elementary and matures during high school.

Do Your Very Best During High School

Meet with your counselor at least every four months to make sure the classes you’re taking will fulfill the requirements you need.  Many students graduate from high school but unfortunately do not meet all the requirements to go to college, think AP classes to get credit before you go off to college!

Getting an education can be very expensive, however there is no better investment to make, are you ready for college?

There are grants and scholarships based on your GPA, ethnic background, family size and monthly income and even considering your extracurricular activities. Do not think your involvement in sports, arts and music during your high school years is only to develop a passion and talent, as these skills can help you get a scholarship to pay for a part of your school tuition. In some cases financial aid covers from 80% to 100% of college expenses.

Plan Various Field Trips to Colleges

If your grades have not been that great during your first years of high school, perhaps visiting a campus and realizing where you could be headed will motivate you.

When visiting a campus you will be able to analyze the majors in which these institutions specialize, the requirements you need to be admitted, the campus’ amenities, dorm life, conditions plus financial aid requirements.

Some high school students take advantage of their summer vacation to form part of a program that will allow them to spend some weeks at a university. Do an internet search to see if any local campuses are holding such programs this summer, maybe it is not your ideal campus but it will give you an idea to what college life would be.

Thanks to the Pre-Collegiate Academy of Berkeley, a lot of Latino students from Los Angeles who come from low income families (but have a high GPA) have been able to spend a summer in the prestigious University of California, Berkeley forming part of very interesting academic and community activities.

Just as it is never too soon to begin planning your Quinceanera, it is never too soon to start preparing yourself for college.

You got this, chica!

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