What’s in my School Bag? Must-have Items for Back to School

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Since it’s that time of the year again and everyone’s getting ready to go back to school, it is the perfect time to show you some must-have items!

Shopping, in general, is very exciting and when you shop for your school essentials, you are also mentally preparing yourself for the new school year. Not only should you be stocking up on the everyday school supplies you will be using, but also, your beauty essentials that will be very needed.

Check out the must-have items you should be carrying in your school backpack!

School Supplies

The basics to ensure you’re prepared to include the following:

  • A binder (standard: 8 12 inches × 11 inches)
  • Dividers
  • Loose paper (college-ruled)
  • Extra folders for any piece of paper or homework

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Next, keep a pencil pouch with the following must-have school tools:

•3 Pencils (No.2)

You do not want to be that individual that is always asking for a pencil to borrow, which is why you should carry 3 pencils just to stay on the safe side. We suggest #2 pencils since it is the suggested pencil type for most teachers, used for grading and test purposes.

•Pens (red, blue, black)

The black ink pens are the basic pens you should carry at all times! Red ink pens can be used for correcting drafts, essays, and any other papers your teachers have you correct. Blue pens are optional.

•A variety of Highlighters for color-coding purposes.

Especially needed for your English courses, highlighters will also be your best of friends when it comes down to organizing yourself. You can thank us later.

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Beauty and feminine essential Products:

Apart from your school supplies, we do recommend you carry self-care products, just in case! We never know when we’ll need some of these things, but it’s better safe than sorry.


Mother-nature has her own way of surprising us and who knows when you’ll start your period. If you don’t need one, we assure you one of your fellow classmate’s will. It’s best if you carry at least 2 pads.

• Lip balm/ Lipstick

• Hair tie

• Deodorant

• Lotion

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Remember to push harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow


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