Must Read Books for Quinceaneras To-Be

Yoana Estrada

It’s time to put your phone down and get lost in a book, bestie!

These books are perfect to start hyping yourself up for your quince or even for adding them to your gift registry. You can also get the party started with a book club with your court of honor. Happy Reading!  

 Don’t want to spend money? You can also check out most of these books for FREE at your local library.

  1. Once Upon a Quinceanera  

By: Monica Gomez-Hira 

Carmen Aguilar just wants to make her happily ever after come true. Except apparently “happily ever after” for Carmen involves being stuck in an unpaid summer internship. Now she has to perform as a party princess! In a ball gown. During the summer. In Miami. 

Available on for $8.99

2.  Damas, Dramas, and Ana Ruiz: A Quinceanera Club Novel

By: Belinda Acosta 

All Ana Ruiz wanted was to have a traditional quinceañera for her daughter, Carmen. She wanted a nice way to mark this milestone year in her daughter’s life. But Carmen was not interested in celebrating. Hurt and bitter over her father Esteban’s departure, she blamed Ana for destroying their happy family, as did everyone else. 

Available on Amazon for $19.99


3. Quince 

By: Kit Steinkellner (Author), Sebastian Kadlecik (Creator), Emma Steinkellner (Illustrator) 

Lupe is just your average, insecure, well-meaning, occasionally cranky teenage girl whose life is completely turned upside down when she discovers she has superpowers at her quinceañera. Her quince powers only last as long as she’s fifteen, so over the course of this rollercoaster year, we follow the adventures of Lupe as she figures out what it really means to be a hero. 

Available on Amazon for $22.22


4. Miss Quinces: A Graphic Novel 

By: Kat Fajardo 

Rising star Kat Fajardo’s debut middle-grade graphic novel about a girl who would rather do anything other than celebrate her quinceañera! A funny and heartfelt coming-of-age story about navigating the expectations of family and cultural tradition. 

Available on Amazon for $9.89

5. The Fiesta Dress: A Quinceanera Tale 

By: Caren Mcnelly McCormack 

It’s the day of Lolo’s big sister’s quinceañera party, and suddenly everyone is too busy to play with Lolo. But when she lets her dog Gobi run free, everyone notices. Vivid illustrations in acrylics and watercolor by Martha Avilés skillfully portray Lolo using her fast feet and wits to outsmart Gobi and save her big sister’s special day! 


Available on Amazon for $5.99

6. Cuba 15 

By: Nancy Osa 

Violet Paz has just turned fifteen, a pivotal birthday in the eyes of her Cuban grandmother. Fifteen is the age when a girl enters womanhood, traditionally celebrating the occasion with a quinceañero. 

Available on Amazon for $9.99


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