Stylish Backpacks & Totes for Back-to-School

Jazmin Alvarez

Summer’s over and school is back in session, bummer! But besides hanging out with your BFF’s once again and being one year closer to graduation, there are other things to look forward to such as the latest fall fashion trends.

One thing for sure on your back-to-school shopping list is that cute tote or backpack to complete your outfit everyday of the year and store the hottest school supplies.

It’s time to trade your beach bags for stylish backpacks & totes! Choose one of these styles to make a bold statement on your first day of school.


Add some spunk to your backpack! This year’s trends call for floral & tribal patterns, lace embellishments, and soft colors. Find the design that fits your personality & budget!



For those who are super preppy and prefer totes, we have show-stopping styles that can also be worn outside of school. Leather and tribal patterns seem to be the most popular designs of the season and we couldn’t disagree with the preference! App

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Jazmin Alvarez

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