5 Ways To Tackle Back to School Winter Blues

Grecia Hernandez

After a couple of days away from the school routine, it is completely normal to be bummed about going back. Most of us spent our vacation days eating in the company of family and friends while watching movies or sharing fun stories.

Compared to an eight hour day of lectures, getting back on track might be harder than expected.

No worries though! We’re here to help! Follow these basic tips and tackle those dreaded back to school winter blues:

 Prepare yourself

Try to get back into your regular routine at least two days prior to coming back. The gradual change will help your mind and body cope with the recent activity and it will be easier to get back on track with your whole schedule. Going to bed earlier is key to avoid getting tired.



Assign at least one hour to spare each day. Free your mind from those back to school winter blues with your favorite hobby and relax for a while. Additionally, not thinking about school but staying active will do wonders on both your mind and body!


 Eat healthier

Most of us spent our winter break munching on unhealthy snacks and delicious greasy leftovers. These types of foods only make our body feel heavy, and with no desire of any physical activity. Moderating your eating habits and including veggies and fruits days prior, will help you boost your metabolism as well as your energy levels.


Team work

Arrange after school homework sessions with your friends, this way you won’t feel so pressured and tired after several weeks of not picking up a book. Don’t lie, we know the only reading you did was your Instagram and Facebook feed! Studying with friends will ease your brain and help you keep up with the workload.

Tackle those back to school winter blues and close this school year successfully!

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Grecia Hernandez

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