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 Many Hispanic students from southern California will  consider September as the higher education goal and  will begin to study in junior college or university. In  most of the cases these students will be the first in their  families to have reached higher education.

Due to this university inexperience in Latino families it  is necessary that the students pay special attention to  the school they want to enroll and the services that they provide: classes, counselors, volunteering work, and internships.

A Good Beginning

During the first college or university term, the student should follow the counselor’s advice. University faculty analyzes student’s skills, their academic transcript, and future goals. It is important that the student considers what he/she is going to study to start elaborating a plan. It is not recommended that the student gets stressed with certain future project because as the years pass by he will accomplish it.
A teacher plays an important role in the students’ life. It is necessary that the students turn to theirs professors if they have any questions in or off campus. There is also a TA (teacher’s assistant) who, in many cases, can help the students.
It is also important that the student focuses on the classes and avoids talking. When the student is out of home during the first year, it is recommended that he keeps in touch with his parents (by telephone, e-mail, mail, etc.), it will make the student feel supported and under control. It is convenient that their new classmates have the same academic interest.

Other Factors
For many students this will be the first time they share a room with someone not related to them. It is recommended that both roommates have a conversation regarding misunderstandings to set an excellent relationship.
Another situation will be to take care of their spending. The student must elaborate a budget according to his expenses. If the student depends on loans then it is important that he checks each expend and make the payments on time.
Without a parental control it is difficult to maintain the same food habits. In every campus there are Student Health Centers where the students can attend in case of sickness or questions about their health. It is important to avoid stress.
Colleges and Universities are also related to associations and organizations that can help the students concerning any volunteering program, internships, and other activities for the personal and academic development.

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