10 Unbelievable Feathered Up Quince Heels!

Eva Melgarejo

If you’re looking to transform your Quince heels into a dreamy pair, there’s no better way than to use feathers! Why? Besides the fact that we love the way they’re soft to the touch, feathers are never out of style, they’re easy to find, and they add such a uniquely colorful and elegant touch!

Since they’re also DIY friendly, you have the option to glam up an old pair and turn them into your very own signature. Stay in tune with the latest feather trends and get ready to be the cause of envy on your big day.

Ready to be inspired? Check out these awesome Quince heels covered in feathers worthy of a fairy tale!

Here are some more images of inspiration and we even compiled some shoes that are hot right now, so get them while they last!

Featured image is from Pinterest!

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Eva Melgarejo

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