6 Secrets to Wear Quinceanera Heels Without Pain

Jazmin Alvarez

We can’t blame you! We love the way heels elongate our legs, make our calves appear sexy, and make us feel like a runway superstar apart from adding a few inches to our height. But yet, heels can make us endure one of the most painful experiences when they cause blisters and rashes – it’s a love hate relationship.


Luckily, there are easy peasy solutions that you can purchase at your local discount store or with a click of a button. You won’t have to worry about uncomfortable quinceanera heels after following our tips!

Heels that Fit

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You’ll be dreading every step you take if you don’t purchase comfortable heels that fit in the first place. The most comfortable heels have a platform rather than flat toed shoes. You know it’s the the right size when your arch matches the arch on the shoe and the front is wide enough for your toes. Walk across the shoe store before buying them to ensure that your feet don’t slip out with every step. With that being said, buying them at a shoe store is way better than buying them online.

Gel Insoles

Quinceanera Heels

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 Does your foot slide forward easily in your heels? Do you need some added cushion? Designed with extra cushion and an arch shaping, Dr. Scholl’s high heel gel insoles are just what you need to keep the ball of your foot in place and to prevent those painful blisters. You’re able to reuse them for other occasions. Just make sure to replace them every 6 months or else they’ll start to tear.

Cut Down your Heel

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Did you fall in love with some quince heels but they’re too tall, making them uncomfortable? Lucky for you, there’s an easy solution – cut down your heel! Search for your nearest shoe repair shop and for around $15 they’ll shave down your heel to the height you desire. If you’re taller than your chambelan, consider this solution so you end up being the same height or shorter.

Save up for a Good Pair

Quinceanera Heels

Yes, we know you want to save as much money as possible and have the quince of your dreams. Cheap heels are usually made out of plastic, which will make your feet sweat and will most likely give you blisters. Trust us, blisters are extremely painful and will affect your dance performance.  Leather lining are softer and your feet are less likely to rub against this material, but are more expensive. However, they may be worth the investment.


Quinceanera Heels

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This option sounds a bit weird but it works! The adhesive “cotton” skin can be applied to blister-prone spots and can line any part of your shoes. One of the best options to prevent blisters!

Suede Heel Grips

Quinceanera Heels

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Suede heel grips work miracles if your shoes rub at the heel or if your shoes are a little loose. You can purchase them online or at a discount store such as Marshall’s for less than $10.

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