Cinderella’s Louboutins For Your Quinceañera?

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Jennifer Lopez sang about them in her 2009 album “Love?” and celebrities have long worn the red-soled heels to the most elite events including the Grammy’s and Met Costume Gala. And such is the desire to own one of the French footwear designer’s exclusive designs that replicas and coloring kits to paint the soles of heels to look like an original have appeared on the black market. But nothing is as lovely or compares to an original Christian Louboutin shoe, unless it’s the Cinderella’s Louboutins that were recently unveiled to celebrate the release of Disney’s classic fairy tale on Blu-ray this fall.

Cinderella’s Louboutins

The prestigious designer’s version of the Cinderella slippers, which in the film were gifted to Cinderella by her Fairy Godmother during her transformation in preparation for the royal ball, is fit for a majestic Quinceañera and adorned in lace, sparkling butterflies, Swarovski crystals and –of course– red-soled heels.

Quinceañera Shoes?

Only twenty original slippers were created for the Disney-Louboutin collaboration, all of which will be awarded to twenty modern day princesses through a contest. Further details on how to win one of the Cinderella Louboutin’s will be released in the upcoming weeks. But for now, enjoy these amazing images of Cinderella’s Louboutins and may this classic fairy tale continue to inspire you as you prepare for your very own royal ball.




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