Latest Fashion & History of the Traditional Huaraches

Jocelyn Pasillas

A bit different from the torturous ‘chancla’ we all once feared, the huaraches are an essential piece to Mexico’s fashion and most importantly, their culture. And no, we aren’t talking about the well-known huarache you can snack on nor the popular Nike sneakers…

Mostly common and started by farmworkers, this symbolic footwear is usually hand-made with woven leather pieces, tire for the sole, and nails to hold it all together—simple yet durable and delicate!

As it has populated throughout the years, the traditional huarache has become part of the latest fashion trend and we have a variety of options to choose from!

Take a look for yourselves.

Typical Huaraches:

Before they were a trend, these simplistic sandals only consisted of neutral, earth-toned, colors. Amongst them are nudes, brown, and black.

Colored Huaraches:

When popularizing, we started to see colors added onto these bad boys! The best fit for kids and women– although they look good on men as well.

Laced Huaraches:

Modernizing the huaraches consisted of turning them into shoes by applying a shoelace and providing better coverage.

Similar options:

After making its way into the U.S., similar styles were then designed for a more feminine complex. Aren’t they irresistible?

Easily pair them up with any summer outfit! Which is your favorite? Share with us down below.

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