Princess Ariel’s Guide to Shoes!

Jazmin Alvarez

If you’re a big fan of Princess Ariel and you love the sea, you’re obviously going to plan a Quince inspired in The Little Mermaid! And who’s to blame you? We can’t resist her charisma, unique hairstyle, and rebellious personality. Too bad we’re humans and we can’t walk with a fish tail.


But not to worry, Princess Ariel has the solution for her fans. From pumps to flats, there’s plenty of shoe styles to choose from for your quince! Just like her personality, it’s okay to bend the rules and become a rebel when it comes to fashion!

Princess Ariel shoes

If you’re not a mermaid, which shoes will you wear for your Quince?

Dive in style with the latest mermaid shoe trends that’ll make your guests say “sha la la la la la, my oh my!” when they take a peak at your feet! These shoes can be paired up with your Quince dress or with your baile sorpresa outfit.

Colors to consider: Blue, red, purple, green, aquamarine, white, gold, silver

Fabric Texture: Scales, sparkles, metallic, rhinestones


Jazmin Alvarez

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