How to Rock your Heels like a Model on the Runway

Rosalynn Martinez
Model on Runway

Yes, you too, can walk like this!

We have all seen those models on the runway strutting their stuff, in 5 inch stilettos gracefully and effortlessly. But if you are a newbie to the heel world, walking on heels can feel as if you’re learning how to walk all over again! Not to worry, with all of our heel wearing expertise, we’ll have you strutting like a model at a casting, in no time!

Kitten heels

Aren’t these the cutest?

First things first, choose the right pair of shoes. Make sure your shoes are the right fit, size and width. Make sure they are not too tight, because it will be not only painful for your feet but also for everyone to watch. On the other hand, you will have to make sure your heels are not too loose as they will slip out as you walk and make it more difficult. The soles on the bottom of the heels can make a huge difference on how difficult the heel will be to walk in, thin soles will be more difficult to walk in because there is less support, and your foot will be forced to a steeper incline.

Start with a small thick heel and gradually work your way up to the taller, thinner heels. Walk around in small heels often, and when you become comfortable with the height, begin to increase the height… and when you become comfortable with that height increase the height again and so on until you master even the tallest heel! Remember practice makes perfect!

mid heel

Now on to perfecting the catwalk, or just walking… there are some basic things you might want to keep in mind. First of all, do not tip toe, it might seem safer to balance all your weight on the biggest part of the sole but this will only make it harder on your feet. Make sure you are walking heel first, trust me the heel (although sometimes very weak-looking) will hold your weight! If you want to look extra graceful try pointing your toe as you take a step. Oh and about those steps, taking smaller steps in heels is normal, the taller the heel the smaller your steps will need to be.


Posture is incredibly important, because last time we checked the ‘baby goat learning how to walk look’, still wasn’t in. Make sure you are standing up straight, with your back straight, shoulders back and down with an elongated neck. To get a slight sway in your hips, you will want to imagine walking along an imaginary straight line. To get a very dramatic sway in the hips, models usually step over across the line, but you may want to stick to a slight sway until you are an expert in heels.

All you need now is that model attitude. Always walk confidently, and you will never miss a step!




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