Shoe Styles for a Quinceañera’s Spring Look

Elizabeth de la Torre

Try out different shoe styles to match all your spring looks. But first, consider what shoe styles are trending.

Each spring occasion requires a certain look to complement the weather, the activity, and your choice of style. With that said, the current shoe fashion trends below are important to inspire your fashionista ideas if nothing else.

Take a look at the shoe styles below to see what’s trending this spring.

Platform Sandals

Platform sandals are great additions to show off some spunk with your clothing and a hint of an 80s style. Great for a sophisticated look on a day out with your friends, wearing platform sandals are definitely shoe fashion trends to keep in mind.

Slip on Sandals 

Nothing represents the springtime better than a pair of sandals. For a refreshing look try this out to keep you looking young, happy, and free. Pair them up with a skirt or shirt for a complete springtime look.

Open-toed Lace Booties

Perfect for wearing with dark jeans, a sun dress, or a cute 2 piece set. 

Traditional Huaraches

Who would have thought huaraches can look so cute one! Rock them with pride chicas.

Strapped sandals

These shoes will help you have that bohemian look of effortless style without forfeiting your comfort. If you want to add length to your figure then get them with a little heal.


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