Finding the Right Pair of Heels for the Changing of Shoes Ceremony

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One of the most popular Quinceanera traditions’ is the changing of the shoes.

The tradition calls for the Quinceanera to wear flats during the ceremony.  She will continue to wear them to the reception and during the time leading up to the traditional Quince Waltz. Just before the waltz, the changing of the shoes ceremony will take place.

Traditionally, the father of the quinceañera who, during the reception, helps her daughter change her flat shoes into heels. Nowadays, the Quinceanera and her family choose the person of honor to perform this rite to womanhood, this can be your father or your favorite realtive! The changing of shoes is a beautiful symbol of the Quinceanera’s transformation from a little girl to a young lady.

shoes ceremony

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The Quinceanera will continue to celebrate with the new pair of heels, so it is extremely important to choose a comfortable heel that suits the rest of the Quinceañera outfit.

Two things that are essential in choosing your shoes:

1. Matching with your dress.

The shoes can either be the same color as your dress or you can choose a pair that will compliment you and your dress.

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2. They should be comfortable.

After the change of shoes, the shoes will be used all night, so it is advisable to use heels a few days before the party to see if you can walk with them or not.

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