What Your Quince Shoes Say About You

Yoana Estrada

Quinceañeras are packed with traditions and symbolic gestures throughout the day. The changing of shoe ceremony is a tradition practiced in most quinceañeras. In this tradition, a quinceañera will start by wearing flats to mass and the reception. Before the traditional waltz, the quinceañera will trade her flats in for high heels (Or the shoe of your choice). Dress and shoe shopping can be stressful but it is essential in order to have your personality shine through.

Lucky for you, this is your big day and you decide what to wear on your feet. You can even choose to stay in the same flats throughout the day. You can also go from your flats to your cowboy boots. It is important to know your likes and dislikes in order to put your best foot forward.

Here is a guide to the different types of quinceañera shoes and what they say about you. 

Crocs,  Classic Glitter Clog  

A girl who wears Crocs is a girl who prioritizes comfort. This quinceañera could care less about what others think of her. She will wear her crocs with pride. This convenient shoe comes in all different colors and styles. You can even bling them out with glitter for your big day.

Nike Air Force 1 

A quinceañera who wears custom white Air Force 1 shoes on her birthday is a girl that is trendy and enjoys an urban style. 

Chuck Taylor All-Stars

You can never go wrong with a shoe that has been around for over a decade. Converse prove that you are a girl that defies the test of time and you love a great staple shoe.

Cowboy Boots

Imagine taking your Quince pictures, revealing your beautiful cowboy boots as you lift your quince dress. Rocking Cowboy boots at your Quince is a sign of confidence and a cool unique fashion sense. 


Dr. Marten Boots 

 A girl who rocks some Doc Martens has a rebel spirit at heart. She is tough, will fight for her loved ones, and marches to the beat of her own drum.

Ribbon Bandage Heels

Wearing a strappy heel on your quince shows your girly side. You are a girl that has a passion for fashion and loves to show it.



If you are wearing Vans on your quince you are most likely a skater girl. You love to dress up in pretty clothes but you also have your tomboy side.

Glitter Heels

A glitter shoe can guarantee that you are the life of the party. You love everything that glitters, shines, and sparkles! 


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