Eight Inexpensive Christmas Presents Ideal for Secret Santa

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One of the most popular December traditions is to do a gift exchange with your friends or family members. 

Here’s a list of eight inexpensive Christmas presents that will show them how much you really care!

Now don’t get it twisted, these are not meant to be your final Secret Santa gift but the preview of it.

Yes, prior to finally revealing the person whose name you pulled from a hat, you must surprise them with a small present left near them while they’re not around and all of these work perfect! 

 If you have a limited budget to pamper your loved ones this holiday season, don’t worry! Take a look at these inexpensive Christmas presents. 

1) Mugs

This is definitely one of the most common and one of the most inexpensive Christmas presents to buy. Most importantly, during this season the variety of fun designs is fantastic and out of the ordinary.

2) Trending Lipstick Kits

Is one of your friends about to celebrate her quinceañera? How about gifting a set of lovely liquid lipsticks? Your friend will be thrilled to receive any type of lipstick set!00

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3) Ugly Xmas Sweaters


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This is an ideal gift if the final day of your Secret Santa is way before Christmas so they can wear it to at least two of their Holiday festivities.

4) A Starbucks Gift Card

starbucks_gift_cardYour friends, your tia, your cousins.. I mean, who does not love Starbucks right? A $5 gift card will do the trick and make someone’s morning less stressful.

5) Fragrance Set

If you’re running on a tight budget, this is a great gift because for some reason most stores have amazing discounts on fragrance sets. Stores like Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works have fragrance sets as low as $12.50

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6) Disney Pins


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Is your friend an avid Disney Pin Trader? If so, you will make that person extra happy with such a thoughtful gift.

7) Assorted Candies

cookie basket

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Gather your favorite chocolates, candy, popcorn and what not and place them on a Holiday-themed mug.

8) Scented Candles


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The only thing you must be extra careful of is to get an annoying holiday scent. Not everyone is a fan of cinnamon or  peppermint scented candles. Go for something they can light for the rest of the year as well.

We are sure these inexpensive Christmas present ideas will help you out this holiday season. Perhaps, you even want some of these for yourself!

Good luck and shop on!

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