10 Back-to-School Emotions

Grecia Hernandez

You’ve enjoyed your school break for a while but unfortunately it’s time to go back!

Going back to school after a short or long break is always hard … 

1) Reuniting with your friends = HAPPY

2) Reuniting with math = MAD

3) Socializing during lunch break = EXCITED

4) Being asked questions by every teacher = ANXIOUS

5) Running into that one girl who had a wonderfully drastic makeover in 2 weeks = MAD

6) Noticing how the school bully barely fits in his pants due to overeating and well PUBERTY = PLEASED

7) Sitting next to a super cute someone during lab = ECSTATIC

8) Falling in front of the entire class due to lack of sleep from the night prior = EMBARRASED

9) Taking notes during a boring lecture = SO OVER IT!

10) Going home = GLAD

What do you think? Close enough to how you feel?


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Grecia Hernandez

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