10 Reasons Why it is Best to Buy a Real Christmas Tree

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The more styles of trees the market offers, the more it makes the consumers think: artificial or natural, and can an authentic Christmas tree fit my budget and lifestyle?

Many families worry about the environment and deforestation while others crave the smell of fresh pine at home. 

Luisa Santamaria, professor of Agricultura Sciences at OSU, shares her impression regarding Christmas trees.

These are her top 10 reasons to get a natural tree this jolly season:

10: Fits the budget


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Natural trees are available in a variety of species, forms and sizes great for every budget and Christmas tradition.

9: Supporting the economy

Buying natural Christmas trees helps american companies and farmers.

8: Natural Christmas trees are reusable


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They can be used as gardening decoration or as underwater habitats for fish.

7: They bring nature home

Its branches give a special green touch to the house.

6: Selecting a fresh tree is easier if you “sniff and split”


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Lightly crush a branch and sniff in search for a clean tree fragrance. Then split it between your fingers, if it splits similarly to a carrot you have a fresh tree.

5: Being nature friendly

These natural Christmas trees are cultivated on sustainable farms hence they are not a threat to forests.

4: They are easy to keep tidy


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With the adequate attention, your tree will remain green and healthy during these festivities minimizing the cleaning and maximizing your joy this Christmas season.

3: Memories and fun times for the whole family

Make of this an adventure, take a road trip and look for the perfect tree. Encourage your family to participate and take pictures.

2:Authentic Christmas trees are renewable


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For every tree the farmers harvest, another one is planted.

1: The smell!

There is nothing comparable to the smell of a real Christmas tree, crush the branches every once in a while and sniff away.

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