10 Things You Won’t Miss During Winter Break

Grecia Hernandez

Winter break might be short be it is sure enjoyable and a much-needed mini vacation from school!

Even when not attending school means missing out on sharing awesome stories and experiences with your friends and classmates, it does have its pros.

Take a look at this list and let us know if you’re actually going to miss any of these: (If you say you do, we know you’re lying!!)

1. The typically annoying”PICK ME” classmate who does not let anyone else participate in class.

2. Pretending to be doing school work when you were actually scribbling your name with your crush’s last name!

3. That one MEAN professor 🙁

4. Cafeteria Food! Say hello to homemade cooking this winter break… or pizza!

5. Annoying mean girls


7. Waking up early to go to class half asleep

8. Taking surprise quizzes!

9. Walking home from school in a not-so-friendly weather

10. The 1st day back from winter break 🙁

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Grecia Hernandez

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