15 Makeup Influencers that Are Changing the Game


Trying to figure out how to bake your face without looking out of ‘CONTOUR’le for your Quince party or prom date?

A quick scroll down on Instagram and sitting in front of your laptop for YouTube from these makeup influencers might help you figure out strobing isn’t as hard as you think it is!

Desi Perkins 

Desi is an all-time YouTube star who is well known for her beauty and lifestyle vlogs. She has collaborated with many brands and has her own collection of sunglasses with Quay Australia. Her following on YouTube and Instagram are in the millions. Desi is known for her  glowing bronze looks. If you love tans and tan looks, Desi is your girl!

Jaclyn Hill

In under 25 minutes, beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill shows you how to completely transform your face using the four-step process many makeup artists use: contour, highlight, blush and bake.

Huda Kattan

With a following of over 25 million fans, Huda is one of the original makeup artists that went viral with her sweeping lashes and incredible iridescent contour. Now her page highlights other up-and-coming artists who are following in her footsteps. Huda also has her own makeup brand called, Huda Beauty. 


Manny MUA 

Manny is an extremely well-known male makeup influencer and YouTube Star. He gives great and honest reviews on a lot of makeup products so you can hear all the tea…

Kathleen Lights

Miami-based beauty Vlogger Kathleen Lights pairs her satiny eyeshadows with powerful pout colors and instructs you on how to do the same. One of the best videos is one she made for those aiming to stick to a beauty budget. Make sure to watch her drugstore dupes’ video.

Sahar Amir

Get ready to color your world with the prism eyeshadow inspo makeup artist Sahar posts to her Instagram page. This copper eyelid would pair beautifully with a Greek, Roman or Egyptian-themed Quince party!


Aidette Cancino 

Aidette is a young beauty guru who has a YouTube subscription of 490k. This gorgeous model and actress is really killing the game.


Mary Pulido

One of the first things you notice when you head to Mary’s Instagram page is her absolutely flawless skin. This Cuban makeup artist can pull off the bronzed looks thanks to her silky-smooth foundation. In this photo, she shows you how to do the same with mostly drugstore makeup items.


Shafaq Novruzova

This Russian makeup artist and hairstylist is ready to make your princess fairytale dreams come true through all the inspiration emanating from her social pages. In this video, she shows you how some teasing and hairspray can go a long way when it comes to creating an enchanting hairstyle.

Makeup by Alinna

Alina creates mesmerizing looks using pigmented eyeshadows, matte lipsticks and long false eyelashes. Try this look for your next Halloween party!

Nazanin Kavari 

This beautiful fashion and beauty vlogger has won the heart of so many followers for her humble and sweet personality. If you are in need of some self-confidence, Naz is your go-to.

Isabel Bedoya

Reminiscent of a unicorn with her pastel pink hair, Isabel Bedoya has wowed over 2 million followers with her step-by-step makeup tutorials. In this post for an everyday look, Isabel shows you how to use just five products to give you that ‘I just came from vacation’ glow.

Jayme Jo

This dancer and model from Australia wants you to embrace your cute curls. Her hair tutorials show natural curls can be rocked in a variety of ways! Try this sleek hairstyle with just a few bobby pins at your disposal.



Find her on Instagram as @iluvsarahii! Sarahii is a gorgeous Mexicana who loves embracing her Latina features. Learn how to create flawless bronzey looks using minimal makeup products.

Nikkie Tutorials

Feeling a little daring and need a challenge? Inspire yourself by watching the amazing tutorials created by Nikkie. If you love colorful looks and want to try something new, watch the following video.

Who is your favorite makeup to follow on social media? Let us know in the comments below!

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