15 things to do before your Quince

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Get things done before your quince

In addition to choosing the perfect dress and chambelanes, there are certain things you must do before your quince.


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1. Learn how to cook a dish. You won’t always have someone to cook for you, so roll up your sleeves and ask your mom or grandma to teach you how to prepare a traditional recipe.

2. Read for fun. Most likely you have read all the books assigned to you by your teacher. Now is the time to begin to read a book of your choice that will let your imagination soar.

3. Know your family history. You can film it or write it in a diary, the point is to make a record of it. In a few years you’ll be glad you did and you may be able to use it for some part of your quince.

4. Join a team. Responsibility, trust, and discipline are a few of the things you can learn by working with others. Sing up for dance lessons, personal growth or simply join a sports team.

5. Make a four-year academic plan. But most importantly, try to stick to it. Ask your school counselor and your parents to help you achieve your goals.

6. Learn to swim. You may think it’s not worth your time, but in the future when your friends ask you to go to the beach or a pool you’ll be able to show off your swimming skills.

7. Get your first manicure. There is nothing more relaxing than getting a manicure and if you share this moment with your mom or sister, it will be an even more pleasant experience.

8. Buy proper-fitting undergarments. Visit a professional to take the right measurements and find the perfect fit for your bra. Try several styles and cuts and share it with someone as excited as you. This will be useful during your quince, since you will need to wear the appropriate underwear for your dress.

9. Try the high heel club. Begin by using a small heel size and increase it gradually. Don’t overdo it on your quince heels though.

10. Sign up for dancing lessons. With all the opportunities you’ll have to dance your shoes off during high school, this will help you on your quince.

11. Do some volunteer work. Helping those in need is a good habit that will make you a better person.

12. Visit several universities. In a few months you will be applying for admission to the college of your dreams. It’s a great idea to visit some schools you plan to attend in the future.

13. Take a family vacation. Your parents also need a vacation. Plan a weekend trip together and enjoy every moment of it. Time flies by, so you will be glad to have this special memory.

14. Personal hygiene is important. Personal hygiene is an important habit for your life, not just your quince. Shower regularly, brush your teeth at least three times a day, use deodorant, and keep your nails clean.

15. Enjoy being young! Instead of worrying about boys, enjoy your time with family and friends. There will come a time for boy drama and serious relationships in the future. You only have a few years left before becoming an adult, so enjoy this time to the fullest.


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