Four things you must do this Thanksgiving

Grecia Hernandez

Thanksgiving is around the corner! Make the most of it with these must-do activities.

Being grateful is an amazing quality, and although it is one that should be practiced daily. It is major during the Thanksgiving season that we truly take the time and realize how lucky we are and appreciative of our blessings.

These next activities will make you feel even more grateful than ever before.

1) Thank you notes

Take the time to write your loved ones a thank you card; the gesture will make them feel appreciated. Thank your teacher for inspiring you to become a better student, thank your sister for doing the dishes that one time you didn’t feel like it, thank your mom for always knowing how to make you feel special. You can even write yourself a thank you note for taking good care of your health or improving in certain areas.

2) Spend quality time with your family/friends


This is the time to treat your loved ones! Bake your famous cookies recipe. If mom is in charge of Thanksgiving dinner, offer to help as much as you can. If your family is ordering take out then spend some quality time enjoying this season’s classic movies. Our favorites include: “Rise of the Guardians”, “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” and “Addams Family Values”.

3) Volunteer

Go to the nearest shelter or look up online centers that will be in need of volunteers to feed the less fortunate. Not only will you feel better for making a difference and helping a fellow stranger during times in need, but this activity would make you once again realize how lucky you are.

4) Don’t go to the mall, online shop instead


Still, want to take advantage of Black Friday specials? Then designate a time frame at home for everyone to shop online and get back to family bonding as soon as possible!

Take the time to be grateful for everything around you: your parents, your siblings, your friends, your pets, your teacher, your classmates, and most importantly, your health.

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