5 Things Girls Do That Drive Guys Crazy (Bad)!

Jacob Rodriguez

Hi girls! As promised on last week’s article 5 Qualities Guys Secretly Look for in Girls, today we’ll discuss the complete opposite.

Just as there are those little things that drive us head over heels for you, there are others we truly can’t stand. Slow down, I’m sure we’re to blame for not filling in your boyfriend requirements as well, no need to choose sides here.

If you’re wondering why your crush is not that into you, take a look at these things girls do that drive us MAD:

  1. Being insecure!

This is a big one. You’re not perfect and neither are we, there are a few things we would like to change too. But how are guys supposed to compliment the girl they like if after everything we say you have 3 or 4 things you “hate” about yourself? Guys like girls who are confident! If there is something you want to change don’t just complain about it, change it! In the process you will learn to take compliments!

  1. Being Needy.

This goes in hand with lack of confidence in a girl. Guys don’t like when girls need constant reassurance of our interest.  Texting once or twice is fine but asking the same thing 20 times in a row is not good. If you feel like you need to text me every hour, don’t be surprised when I run out of things to say, some guys just aren’t big texters. We will have a lot more to talk about if you give us the spare time…

  1. Being anti-social.

Does your Instagram match your real life social life? I understand being shy but don’t be that girl who just sits there texting or is on her phone during a party not even trying to approach people around. Take a chance, open up and make new friends, come up to me and ask for my name!

  1. Being indecisive, take the initiative!

If a guy gives you options of things to do and your response is “I don’t care” or “What do you want to do?” instead of making up your mind, don’t be surprised if we get frustrated. It’s okay to pick something or come up with something you would like to do, we won’t mind. It will actually take some pressure off of us.

  1. Being jealous! This only leads to bad things.

If we’re with you, it’s for a reason, we like you and enjoy spending time with you. Sure, we may be talking to another girl, but isn’t it good to have other friends? Should I flip whenever I see you talking to guys? There is a different between talking and flirting. Trust your boyfriend, don’t be insecure.

Thank you for reading, find more about me here and please, leave suggestions on what topics you would like me to tell you girls about!

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