5 Things You Must Do this Holiday Season

Grecia Hernandez

The weather is amazing, you’re on a break from school and free time is now your best friend.

Take a look at the next winter activities perfect to take part on this holiday season.


1) Go to the Ice Skating Rink

ice_rinkNo matter where you are, even if it is summer time we’re sure somewhere near you, there’s an ice skating rink just for the season. If you know how to ice skate it is a great opportunity to have fun with your friends, if you don’t know how to do it, this is your chance to learn. Try looking up on for places near you!


2) Bake something/anything!

Tis’ the season to be jolly and what better way to do it than by eating and treating those around you. A regular one-tier cake, cupcakes, Quinceanera cake pops or chocoflan, you name it! The idea is for you to try something out not to become the next Betty Crocker.


3) Watch Holiday Classics

Expect to watch reruns of forever classics on TV. If the usual programming is not your cup of tea, plan a head of time and look for fun holiday movie classics such as Elf, The Polar Express and A Christmas Carol.


4) Learn how to knit

Why? Because scarves make a great holiday present, to learn something new and to spend time with your grandma (assuming she knows how to knit) If not, look up online, there are plenty of self-tutorials!


5) Do something nice for yourself

After all you’ve done this year you sure deserve a little pampering! Save up 3 weeks of allowance and buy yourself something nice.

If you don’t get allowance try using your spare time to do something you’ve wanted to do for long just hadn’t had the time, like watching movies, reading your favorite novels or a DIY mani/pedi, the time is NOW!


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