5 Things Your Parents Won’t Ever Let You Do

Grecia Hernandez

Are you familiar with the “My house, my rules” saying?  Of course you are!

Since day one your parents have made sure you know who the boss is and know what are the things you should not even ask permission for. 

No matter how much they love and adore you, don’t you dare ask for any of the following things: 

Go out on dates

Why bother? Your mom would most likely tell you all the things you currently don’t do like wash your own clothes, clean the kitchen or DO wrong, like wiping your bottoms.

Yes, this is every Latino parent reason for not letting you date: you don’t even know how to wipe correctly!

Eat Junk Food

Forget about asking your mom to get pizza for dinner or make a quick stop at Jack in the Box. At your house you only eat homemade dishes. You know she will rather prep for 2 hours and cook for one more than let her kids eat junk fast food. 

Spend the Night Away from Home

If your friend invites you to a pajama party you might as well decline ASAP since you already know there is no way your parents will allow that.

If you’re lucky enough they might let you have sleepovers with your cousins, but not your friends, they’re practically complete strangers. Besides why would you want to spend the night away, don’t you have a house, a room, a bed? Some kids don’t have that, don’t be ungrateful mija!

Attend Coachella

Thumbs up to your parents! Sorry to break it to you, but teenagers have no business at music festivals. The music scene has become a bit dangerous nowadays and with less supervision, music and adults in the mix, it is best if you stay at home.

Get a Tattoo or a Piercing

Are you a criminal? Don’t you want to get a decent job? Because according to your parents only people who defy the law have tattoos/piercings and no one will ever hire you if you have any.

Truth is, society is becoming more accepting and odds are, if you excel in your career field, having tattoos won’t be an obstacle for getting a job. Nonetheless, you must respect your parents’ rules, they’re wise and you know better than going against their word.


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