5 Ways to Ask Him out This Valentine’s Day

Jazmin Alvarez

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you have your crush in mind for an unforgettable date night. How will you ask him out?

Whether you’re the shy or confident type, this is the question most chicas are dreading to answer. Should you wait for him to ask you? You don’t have to!

Guys like confident girls so if you have the guts to ask him out he’ll know what kind of girl you are. Plus things have changed so girls are allowed to make the first move.

If you’re too afraid to ask, think about this: what if someone else does? You’d be outraged with envy! So put your big girl panties on and forget that you’re nervous!

Here are the 5 best ways to ask him out this Valentine’s Day.

Even if you’re the shy type, these suggestions will totally work! Good luck 🙂

1. Extra Ticket Trick

Movie Tickets

Do you have a pair of movie tickets that you received for Christmas and haven’t had the chance to use them? This is the perfect situation to ask your man out! Tell him that your BFF bailed out on you and ask if he’d like to go with you.

Make sure you know his interests beforehand so the chances of him saying yes are greater. You can buy the two tickets on purpose and use this trick 😉

2. Group Date with you BFFs

We all love group dates because it eliminates the awkwardness and your BFFs can be there for moral support! Mention that you’re planning to go to a theme park or movies with a group of friends and ask him if he’d like to join.

It’ll feel more like hanging out than an actual date, which means you’ll both feel less pressure. If you both have a great time and get to know each other he might ask you out on a solo date!

3. Plan a manly activity you know he’ll enjoy

Baseball Game

If he likes baseball and you like baseball, it’s the perfect date!

If you know what your crush likes to do alone in his spare time or with his friends, plan a date that has to do with that activity. Choose more manly things such as going to a basketball game or hiking instead of shopping to attract him.

This will assure him that you’re open to try new things. Find a common interest so you have fun as well.

4. In town concert or latest movie

The trick here is to spark a casual conversation telling him about a recent movie that has came out or a concert that is in town for the weekend. If he has a positive reaction and says that he’s been looking forward to it, then proceed to ask him out.

Tell him that none of your friends likes that particular band or that your friends are busy for the weekend to make it easier. If you get a negative reaction, ask him which movie or concert he’s looking forward to and respond by saying that you’ve also been looking forward to it.

5. Surprising Notes

valentine's day note

Simple & cute will do!

Most of us can agree that notes are creative and cute. Write a message like “Wanna hang out this weekend? 🙂 ” with your name and phone number. Place it inside his textbook, backpack, on his desk, anywhere you think he’ll quickly discover it.

If you dare, make him a Valentine’s Day card expressing your feelings and what you like about him. Try not to over express your feelings because your crush may feel the need to back off. Simple & cute will do. After you’ve gone out on the first date and you know that he likes you too, then you can slowly reveal the rest of your feelings. This is an excellent option if you’re dreading to ask him out in person!

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