A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide With All Your Besties in Mind

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Valentine’s Day is a great way to show your besties you love them unconditionally!

Sure they might sometimes forget to meet you at the mall on time or leave you hanging for your gym date, but, you love them either way. In honor of this year’s Valentine’s Day, here’s a guide that promises to give you fabulous and sassy gift options for your close circle of friends.

A Very Stylish and Convenient Valentine’s Day Gift 

There’s one in every group. The one who’s always running late and never seems to keep track of time?  Here’s a polite and fashionable way to tell your friend to get it together. RumbaTime, a trendy watch that comes in over 16 styles, is just as resourceful as it is fashionable. With water resistance technology, weightless silicone, and over 32 colors to choose from, RumbaTime is perfect for day and night events and ideal for poolside lunches or weekends at the beach. The watch has been spotted on Seventeen, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan magazines.

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A Personalized Best Friend Gift Basket! 

Trust us, after buying this personalized gift basket, you’ll be dying to see your BFF’s reaction once she gets her gift on valentine’s Day. Make them feel special with a basket full of their favorite essentials! Pamper them with goodies and other cool stuff they’ll for sure need. This is such a sweet and thoughtful gift, perfect for any occasion!

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Best Friend Bracelets 

These are two bracelets silver plated with charms in the shape of puzzle pieces. Gift it to your bestie so they will always know that they are the missing puzzle piece and together you are complete! What a better way to show your BFF you love them than with a unique and lovely gift.

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Bestie Blouses

Match with your best friend with these super cute blouses you can wear anywhere! Show off the amazing friendship you and your BFF have and go out this Valentine’s Day wearing the same stylish outfit.

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A Customized Mug for Your Other Half!

Create and design a mug for your BFF this Valentine’s Day! Personalize it by adding a special quote and adding both your names, you can never go wrong with a beautiful mug they can keep forever. Add on to it by decorating it with a pair of fluffy socks and a Starbucks gift card she can use.

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Which gift idea will you be purchasing for your bestie?

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