After your Quince, then what?

Jackie Mejia

What’s comes after your Quince your guests file out and the last bite of cake has been eaten from your Quinceanera celebration?

Considering that your Quince symbolized you turning into a mature teenager now is the time to start thinking about how to take advantage of all the opportunities that life will put in your path.

5 things to do after your Quince

1. Take on leadership roles
Develop your leadership potential early on by heading one of the organizations you really care about, whether it is captain of your sports team or president of one of your school’s clubs. Through successes and trials you will discover a few unique qualities that make you an adept leader, and these lessons can be taken to college and beyond to help you land those leadership positions you are striving for.

2. Apply for that internship
It is never too early to start planning out your career path – or at least dipping your toes into the career pool. If you cannot find companies that give internships in the particular field you are thinking of studying or taking part in, find someone you can job shadow for a day. Having a small glimpse into your future career can make it a little bit easier when choosing that all-important college major or vocational school.

3. Cultivate friendships
Make sure you appreciate your friends amid the stress in school, late studying nights, and the practices in between school and your next extracurricular activities. In the future and no matter how intense life gets, take time to unwind with your friends every now and then – they’ll help to make all the fun times that much better.

4. Meet with mentors
Mentors can be found in the most familiar of places, such as standing at the head of your classroom. Or in the most unfamiliar scenarios, like in a city council member who champions for the same causes you do.

Whoever you decide you want your mentor to be, ask him or her for advice every couple of months. Pick their brain on career advice, life advice, and ask them about what their own life was like when they were teenagers.

5. Health in perspective
Having a healthy body and mind will definitely make that much easier to tackle. Make sure you are getting an adequate amount of sleep to stay alert in class, that you are drinking enough water, eating balanced meals, and that you are exercising on a regular basis.

So go forth Quince girl, and grasp all the opportunities life will give you! We’re rooting for you.

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