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Beautiful Inside and Out

Alicia Garcia de Angela

Those who know Martin Llorens know that his reputation as a fashion expert stems from giving practical advice on style. There is no negative criticism. His goal is to make every woman feel like a queen every day of the year and now it’s time to do the same for Quinceaneras.

The famous host for the television show in Utilísima says that the key is for Quince girls to know themselves inside and out and to focus on what feels right and matches their personality, “because there is nothing worse than turning into someone you’re not and wear a disguise during your own party.”

In order to find that essential balance between inner and outer beauty and enjoy your Quinceanera to the max, the author of “Vive la vida de tus sueños” and “Descubre tu estilo” gives you the following tips:

  1. Say goodbye to stress. Begin by exercising and following a healthy diet, without skipping meals and eating organic food. A few minutes of meditation should take care of the rest.
  2. Believe in yourself. The first thing you must do is master your mind, because you won’t be able to accomplish anything until you believe in what you are capable of. If you want other people’s respect, you must respect yourself first.
  3. Know your body. Pay attention to your best attributes and make the most of them. Don’t worry about what your friends are wearing and find a style that best suits you.
  4. Less is more. If you wear an elaborate dress, try not to wear too much jewelry or headpieces. Otherwise you’ll end up looking like a wedding cake. Quoting Martin.
  5. Find out what to wear. The last thing is to avoid wearing a dress with a low neckline and no necklace. Watch out before buying the dress! My advice is to ask someone to take pictures in every angle while you try on the dress. This way you will avoid any surprises.
  6. Take your skin tone into consideration. Also your hair color. If you are light skinned and have dark hair, your best bet will be a fuchsia or purple dress. If you are tanned, go for light colored dresses.

Martín Llorens is on Facebook: www.facebook.com/holamartin.


Alicia Garcia de Angela

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