5 Memorable DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts your BAE will love!

Rosalynn Martinez

Valentine’s day is the perfect holiday to show your boo how much you care, with a cute date and a creative and unique gift! Any DIY craft will show thoughtfulness and effort, which will make it that much more meaningful! Here are some of our favorites your BAE will surely remember forever!

A Customized Sharpie Mug

Remind him of an inside joke, or how he makes you feel, on a mug he can keep and use forever! All you need is a sharpie, a dollar store mug, your oven and a little creativity! Fill with candy and add a bow for a perfect V-day gift!


Sports Blanket

Show him you support his interests, and make him a blanket he can throw on when he is watching his favorite team, or on the way home from an away game! If you have a little more time, and are feeling a little extra creative… make him a matching ball pillow! You’ll only need printed fleece fabric, scissors, and some patience!




Dino-Butt tripod

Ok, so this might not be the ideal gift for Valentines Day, all on it’s own but it sure is cool! Add it to one of the other DIY ideas and your BAE is sure to love you forever! Follow this super easy tutorial here!




Fruit Roll Up Fortune Cookies

For the BAE with a sweet-tooth, a fruit roll-up fortune cookie with a sweet message on the inside! Quick and easy tutorial here!



Handmade Card

Last but definitely not least, a present that never gets old, especially with a cute personalized message to your boo on the inside! There are many ways you can make a card unique, memorable and meaningful… just be a little creative!


What DIY Project will you try out this Valentine’s Day?


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