A Christmas Tradition: Posada Party

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December is the most expected month of the year within the Hispanic community, could be because a very unique Christmas tradition is celebrated: “las Posadas”.

This annually tradition brings entire communities together to celebrate with songs, prayers and lots of food, the birth of Jesus Christ!

Although these parties come from a religious background, nowadays people of all creeds host their very own posadas!

Get ready to read through and study more about this celebration. We assure you, after learning a little bit more about this fascinating tradition, you’ll consider hosting one.

Posadas were originated in Spain, then brought to Mexico, where they were gladly adopted as their own.

They are usually celebrated from December 16th until the 23rd, symbolizing the Virgin Mary’s nine months of pregnancy and culminating the day before Nochebuena. Although some begin exactly on December 12th, which is the day of the virgin Mary, ending on the 20th.

This does not mean the posada goes on for that long, but that those are the selected dates in which is appropriate to host one.

Before the actual posada party begins it is accustomed for the guests to sing the traditional songs kindly “begging the host for shelter”. After a few verses, it ends with a joyful welcoming and this is when the party begins.

The usual beverage offered during a posada is ponche, which is made out of delicious seasonal fruits such as tejocote, guavas, prunes, sugarcane and reeds. These are all put to boil with sugar and a bit of piloncillo.

Tamales are another traditional dish of the always-popular posadas. Although there are a variety of ingredients you can add to prepare these delicious treats, among the most wanted are meat, chicken in green sauce, pineapple, corn, and rajas con queso.

Once your guests have eaten, the next step is to get in line and break the piñata! These colorful and artistic pieces are filled with peanuts, oranges, limes, sugarcane, and candies. Remember to cover the eyes of the person attempting to break the piñata.

Now that you know a bit more about this festive Hispanic celebration, you can have your friends over and organize a December posada. You’ll have so much fun!

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