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Check out the first jobs of your favorite celebrities

Grecia Hernandez

What are you doing this summer? Are you working at a fast food restaurant to help you save for your Quinceanera?

Before these famous faces were part of the Hollywood limelight, they started as most of us do. Waiting tables and flipping burgers was a way to keep their passion for singing or acting alive, meaning, it paid the bills.

Take a look at where your favorite celebrities worked prior to their now worldwide fame:

  • “The Notebook” star, Rachel McAdams used to work at McDonalds and though she stayed there for 3 years, the celebrity claims she was so bad at it she even broke the orange juice machine!
  • Amazing singers, Jennifer Hudson & Pin worked at Burger King during their teen years. Hudson has said she proudly bought her prom dress herself with all her Mc Earnings
  • Before being a huge movie star, powerful Latina Eva Mendes sold hot dogs at a local mall nearby her family home; she will always give half her paycheck to her mother (aww)
  • Even the Queen of Pop had to deal with hungry costumers! Madonna worked at Dunkin Donuts for a few years prior to her fame.
  • Megan Fox worked preparing Smoothies and had to dress up as a banana to attract clients into the store LOL
  • American Idol Season 4 winner Carrie Underwood was a gas station attendant.
  • Before One Direction, Louis Tomlinson worked flipping burgers Doncaster Rovers Football Stadium.
  • Taylor Swift’s job was to keep the bugs out of the trees at her family’s Christmas tree farm.

Have these examples served as inspiration? Imagine what great of a story it would be to later tell your fans how you built your empire starting at a summer job to save up for your Quinceanera dress? See? Get on that job search, NOW!



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