You have a crush on a football player and know nothing about the sport?!?!

Eva Melgarejo

Giiirrrl, let’s get you some quick facts so you can impress him!

Here are 10 quick facts about football to impress your crush:

Fact #1: 

College football is played on Saturdays, NFL (National Football League) is played on Sundays.

Fact #2: 

Look up who won the last Super Bowl – 2014 the winner was Seattle Seahawks.

Fact #3: 

Super Bowl is generally end of January, first week of February.

Fact #4

There are 11 players on each side at any given time.

Fact # 5

If the team is running towards the touchdown they are called the offense.

Fact # 6

If the team is defending their zone its called offense.

Fact # 7

A game is divided into quarters, 15 minutes each with a 12 minute half-time.

Fact # 8

A touchdown is worth 6 points and a field goal following the touchdown is worth 1 point.

Fact # 9

football game

The area where they score touchdowns is called the End Zone.

Fact # 10

The most important player in the team is the Quarterback, he guides the players and yells “hike”.  This is the guy you want to date!

Want to know about the sport?  Check out the NFL.

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