Dating Tips For Your First Big Date

Gabriela Alvarado

As a Quinceañera it’s inevitable to feel attracted to the cutest boys on school. As a matter of fact, adolescence is one of the most special times in your life and experiencing new emotions is one of them.

For your first date you’ll probably be more concerned with what to wear or thinking of ways to avoid those awkward moments of silence that you haven’t though about your safety. Well, better safe than sorry, here are a few safe dating tips to consider before going on that first date with your crush.

  • Make sure to tell your parents and best friend where you will be going and at what time you expect to return and leave your parents your date’s address, just in case anything happens they can drive to his parent’s place.
  • Meet at a public place such as the theater, restaurant or bowling alley. Inviting another newbie or “soon to become” couple is a great idea to release the tension and break the ice.
  • Know and communicate your boundaries. Before you leave home, remember the values your parents have instilled in you so that you do not make any irrational decisions. Have your limits respected, don’t be afraid to voice them but most importantly follow your heart and have fun!
  • Carry enough cash money with you in case of an emergency.
  • Be yourself! If something embarrassing happens just turn the page and continue with the date, sometimes after these awkward situations is that we tend to get lose and laid-back.

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Gabriela Alvarado

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