Five Summer School Myths Debunked

Elizabeth de la Torre

Whether you have to take summer school, participate in a summer workout training session for your sport, take a part time job, or simply dive into to your studies to get ahead for the next school year, here are some myths about staying busy in the summer!

These five points will help you face the music when deciding how to be productive with your summer plans!

  • Studying ahead leaves no time for me.

It’s the summertime – unless you are in summer school, then going ahead of next year’s studies by getting the textbook in advance will help you advance! Getting ahead in the summertime will actually make you more available to hang out with friends and do things you want during the school year! Get your textbooks in advance and build confidence for the school year!

  • Summer school has mean, boring teachers.

Actually, teachers like to enjoy their summers too. This means that instead of being harder in the summer, they might actually be more understanding. No one originally wants to go to summer school, and depending on your school, it may even be considered a punishment for not doing well in the previous school year. No matter why you are there, teachers in the end realize its summer and tend to be more laid back. Keep studying for those tests though, good grades don’t come easy!

  • There goes my social life…

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vine will still be there just like they were during the school year. Just because you take up some part time work, go to summer school, or simply study ahead doesn’t mean you are a loner. It just means that you are and will maintain an advantage over your other friends during the next school year! Let’s be honest too, just because its summer, it doesn’t mean everyone is going to fun parties and living the sweet life like TV shows make it out to be. The reality is that having a weekend of fun is actually for most teens a weekend of ice cream and Netflix all day…

  • I’ll regret wasting my summer.

It may seem hard at first to get started with your newly-made productive summer plans, but it will be the most rewarding plans you can make. Summer, despite what the media likes to portray or teens joke about, is actually a time of opportunities. It’s the time to look at yourself and make changes where you think you need them. If you struggle during the school year, then study to get ahead. If you think you lack in being patient and friendly to people, then join a summer club or volunteer service. If you are unhappy with your health, then join a summer sport camp to get fit.

It’s all up to you so make your summer plans count and in the end you will see the rewards in your effort!


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