4 Fun Things to do on Halloween (No Costume Needed)

Grecia Hernandez

Because there is no need to dress up to spend a fun Halloween night!

Not feeling like dressing up but wanting to do something spook-tacular with friends and family? Here are some fun ideas to spend a sans-costume Halloween 

1) Host a movie night!

Host a Halloween movie night

Ask your friends to bring Halloween classics such as: “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”, “Hocus Pocus”, “The Adams Family”, “Young Frankenstein” and of course the always favorite and Burton’s best “A Nightmare before Christmas” and “Corpse Bride”. Add pumpkin cake and hot chocolate to the mix and you’re guaranteed to have a fun Halloween night!

2) Pumpkin Carving!

Look for online video tutorials or search carving pumpkins for beginners. Have a family gathering so each of you can put those carving skills to test. Although a terrific and fun idea, it must be done with the proper caution and preferably with the help of an adult. There are special pumpkin carving kits to make it easier specially for those who are new at this. Do your research and get your craft on!

3) Plan a Snack Fest!

With the help of your friends, create some extra-delicious and Halloween-esque treats you can later enjoy, say perhaps during your movie night? Our favorite dishes include: Spooky Fried Mozzarella Eyeballs, Tombstone Sandwiches and pumpkin cupcakes. Prepare your favorite dish and post it on Instagram or Facebook. Make sure to tag us to see the creative dishes you gals prepare.

4) Become a Designated Trick-or-Treater or Give out candy on Halloween night!

Volunteer to accompany your younger siblings for trick-or-treating. If there are no children in your family then turn this into a profitable activity and take it as a babysitting gig to care for those who need minimal adult supervision. Do not look after more than two children, in that case ask friends to tag along and help you keep an eye on the little ones, the more the merrier.

If you rather see cute trick-or-treaters in scary costumes then enjoy the show from home and be prepared to treat them as soon as they come up to your door. You can spice it up by preparing a special Halloween playlist days before. Don’t try to scare the little ones, keep in mind that this might be the first time for some. Be friendly and they’ll show up next year, guaranteed!

Have any other ideas for a super fun Halloween night? Share your thoughts with us!

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