Get Creative When Asking Your Crush To Be Your Valentine

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Asking your crush to be your Valentine

Asking your crush to be your Valentine may be a hard  task if you’re somewhat of a wallflower. But by  following these suggestions, you just may score  yourself a date this Valentine’s day!

From your secret admire
As cliché as leaving notes in a locker may be, the old school gesture may be enough to melt your crushes heart. Consider slipping your crush a note into his locker, notebook or on his desk and encourage him to write you back. If you’re lost for words, a simple “Wanna be my Valentine? Mark Yes or No” will do. Sure it’s a flashback to grammar school but the gesture will surely get you noticed and catch your crush off guard.

Snag a crush!Follow the yellow brick road
You can also do as Dorothy and her companions did in the movie, “The Wizard of Oz”, and have your crush follow a path to a secret location. By placing notes on the floor that lead him to either his house, locker room or next class, you can have the final note read something like “Wanna be my date?” The scavenger hunt will show your crush that not only are you a gutsy girl who isn’t afraid of taking risks, but it’ll also show him a tender and affectionate side to you.

Face time

Depending on the type of guy your crush is, you may be better off by simply asking him in person. Perhaps the public displays of interest may be too much for him to handle, so if you know your guy isn’t into that, you’ll be better off by asking him out in person. Sure this means that you’ll have to gather up the courage to speak to him and maybe even hold an entire conversation with him, but if you’ve got the courage to send him notes and arrange a scavenger hunt for him, asking him out in person should be a piece of cake!



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