Girly Christmas gifts for your damas

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Girly Christmas gifts

You only have a few days left until Christmas and just a few extra until Dia de los Reyes to get all your Quinceanera damas girly Christmas gifts. The idea is to buy them something they’ll love instantly and that they can use for a long time.

None of that shopping for last-minute presents you can pick up at the gas station. These girls deserve a small token of your appreciation for investing their free time into your special day. So let’s go shopping.

First, NARS has this great deluxe cosmetics bag filled with tools for marking your beauty style. The kit retails for $49 and includes nail polish, eye shadow, lip gloss and the cosmetic bag.

As far as having your girls smell like all the right notes, well the latest celebrity fragrances such as those from Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber would be great to gift. You can find Minaj’s “Pink Friday” and Bieb’s “Girlfriend” perfume for about $49 at most retail stores.

Holding their party must-have’s will be essential for your Quinceañera damas. A girly makeup bag or party clutch can take care of that hassle. Most major retail stores carry more options than one. But we have our eyes on a small glitter makeup bag from Bebe. Although it’s made to hold your makeup basics, we think it would be fine to hold other small things, like your I.D. and a few dollar bills, too.

As far as your nails are concerned, girls your age should know by now that there’s no excuse for chipped nail polish, especially since nowadays removing flaked nail colour can be conveniently done while on the go as well. Enter Nailpak from Duality Cosmetics. Think of it as a portable nail care system. At quick glance, Nailpak looks like your average bottle of nail polish, but twist off the bottom compartment to unveil pre-soaked nail polish remover pads. So not only can you remove your chipped polish on the go, but you can also paint or repair your nail color as well.


Girly Christmas gifts

If the girls in your court are lovers of big prints, silly things, and animals, then they will adore big face animal tees from The Mountain. The series of popular shirts features ridiculously huge faces of animals in the front of the shirt for the world to see. The tops range in price from $14+ and are made from earth conscious materials. Each design is created by one of The Mountain’s artists with a percentage of each sale of their design going directly back to them.

As fun and flirty as flats are, let’s face it, they’re not all made with comfort in mind. Most pinch in all the wrong places and leave your feet more worn out than they would have been had you chose to dress your heels in, well, heels. Luckily, a good friend of mine recently turned me into Dexflex by Dexter flats. The shoe is described as featuring a faux leather upper, stretchy topline, soft jersey lining, and a flexible outsole for easy movement. They are exclusive to Payless ShoeSource for $24.99 and available in solid colors as well as in a leopard print.

Girly Christmas gifts

Now here’s something that will have you taking double takes. “JumpFromPaper“, a super cool creative and fashionable line of handbags, offers a take on bags like no one before. These cartoon-like handbags feature bold outlines, and bright and vibrant colors that make them look as if they were drawn into a cartoon. Literally. Always keen on fun and perky, pop star Key Perry has even rocked a JumpFromPaper design. Each bag retails starting at $79.00, but can be worth it when your Quince damas and you look fab rocking them in your Quinceanera pictures!


What other gift ideas can you think of? Share your ideas by leaving a comment below!


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