GREEN Community Service Opportunities in Long Beach

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Get involved in improving your friendly neighborhood!

Participate in countless GREEN opportunities that can benefit you, your community, and many others!

Learn about the organizations, projects, and challenges that can offer learning experiences and great memories!


Long Beach Development Services and Neighborhood Services Bureau

Long Beach Development Services goals are to “…make a difference in our community by building a dynamic, safe and sustainable city that honors its past and embraces the future.” Join them as they host various opportunities for volunteers to come out and get involved with the LB community/environment.

Participate in GREEN projects such as tree planting all over Long Beach communities! Trees are major factors in our ecosystem and may be one of the main solutions to help combat climate change. Not only do trees absorb CO2 to then give us the fresh air we breathe, they also preserve soil and help wildlife.

Beach Clean-Up

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Help keep beaches clean in 30-minutes. Founded since 1999 Justin Rodd, with many volunteers, have met every 3rd Saturday of each month for a quick clean-up that can come a long way! You can find them at 10 AM in Granada Beach by Belmont Shore, join them as they keep our beaches safe and clean.

In only Earth’s surface, an approximate of 71% is water-covered. A vast majority of life itself is made up of water, which is why it is of much importance we care for the biggest body of water we have, our oceans. Throughout the years, we’ve seen an overwhelming rise in marine pollution, and it is up to us to change that. Help us in combating this awful threat to our ocean, our wildlife and the whole world!

Become a Volun-teen at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Learn more about becoming a Volun-teen!

What better way to contribute to Long Beach than by learning about our ocean and marine wildlife at the Aquarium of the Pacific!? Receive hours, get trained, obtain learning opportunities, and have fun.

Our marine life is very sacred and delicate species that have been tremendously affected with climate change. Learn the variation of marine life and how they contribute to Earth. Lets make a change and save these beautiful creatures!

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