What Growing up Hispanic Really Means: XV Edition

Jocelyn Pasillas

The trending hashtag #GrowingupHispanic has brought quite a few laughs within our community. No matter where we’re at, social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram have brought us together and made us relate to one another because of our awesome culture.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite memes of how others describe Growing up Hispanic is.

Let’s see if you can relate to these, including some Messi-inspired Quinceanera memes.

1) Parents would even ask you to kindly bring the chancla for them…

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2) This basically describes every mom…

3) You know it’s cleaning time when…

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4) If you dare to interrupt her in public, you knew the consequences…

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5) This smell is so soothing

6) “Hija, saca la mantequilla”

7) You know you’re at a Hispanic kid’s party when the cake cutting process includes a bodyguard

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8) GTG, it was difficult getting out of this one with your parents

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9) Planning to attend a Quinceanera this weekend? Better start cleaning!

10) Forget about being on a diet LOL, the struggle is real

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Now what about those Messi memes?


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