How to Start a Podcast: Quince Edition

Yoana Estrada

Creating a podcast can help get your ideas out into the world. You will be able to connect with people and create a community of like-minded chicas. If you’re reading this chances are you are having or about to have a quince. That means a potential theme for your podcast can be you talking about your quince and the planning process. Having other quinceañeras-to-be on your podcast talking about their parties would be great too. The sky’s the limit with themes!

Starting a podcast is not hard but you will need to put in the work. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create a podcast as a quinceañera. Let’s brainstorm!


Theme & Name

Now is a perfect time to take out a pen and paper and jot down some notes. If you’re going to have a podcast, you’re going to need an overall theme. Once you have a theme you can start thinking of a name. Bring all your ideas together and create a podcast art cover. Take your time and do your research when it comes to these steps. 

To Co-host or Not to Co-host?

Having a partner in crime to record with can make the experience more fun. You can decide if you want to be the star of the show or share the spotlight!

Length, Format, and Script

Create a schedule and choose the number of episodes you want to release per week. Will you drop a new episode every week, every two weeks, or twice a month? Write a script and time it! Writing a script will help keep your thoughts organized. Your recording process will also be smoother if you have your podcast script at hand.

Equipment & Editing

You don’t need to have fancy equipment to record your show! Your podcast journey can start with your phone and headphones. You can then upgrade your equipment in the future if you choose to. Once you have your show recorded you can edit your episode and cut out parts you don’t want.

Let’s Launch a Podcast

You’re all set! You can choose a platform like Soundcloud, or Spotify to upload your show to. Make sure to share the link with all your friends and family.

Here is a quick recap of the steps you should follow:

  1. Choose a theme
  2. Come up with a name
  3. Podcast art cover 
  4. Decided if you want a podcast host
  5. Create a podcast schedule 
  6. Write a script
  7. Record
  8. Edit
  9. Upload

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