Are you in love or is your brain tricking you? Find out!

Reema Arora

Of all the “logical” things in the world, love sure isn’t one of them.

Love is involuntary, but we often fail to understand if our love is stemming from our head or our heart. As we age, we tend to realize that every love is different and look for a love that makes sense and doesn’t challenge us.

When one loves with only their heart, they tend to turn a blind eye to all the red flags. So that’s when you realize that it was only a trick by your brain and maybe not true love.

Here’s how you can identify whether you are in love or your mind is just playing games.

When you’re in love – An Emotional Connection irrespective to Logic

When we fall in love solely with our hearts, we are more emotionally connected to our partner however, we tend to miss out on all the warnings that may affect the relationship.

While it’s the best feeling in the world, you tend to ignore logic judgment. The rush, the presence, the heat – it’s all real. It’s love from the heart that is bound by strong emotions.

It’s the kind of love that your head mostly does not approve. But you still go for it. Why? – it’s the joy, strong emotional love brings.

When your brain is tricking you – Your Brain Picks Logic Over Love

Head love is consciously loving someone, knowing that you are on the right path. And things seem to fit well because your mind has approved of this relationship.

It is convenient and makes sense, but is there passion? It is a bond made on logical terms, and hence, you fulfill the roles that you feel compelled to. Sure, you might believe you are happy and content, but that’s only because of your ego. It leads you to believe that love is only a choice ruled by reason.

Are You in Love or Is your Brain Tricking you?

To identify whether you are experiencing true love or whether your mind is just playing games, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • How much can you commit to this relationship?
  • What is the future of your relationship?

These questions may seem quite easy, but think about it. No matter how much your mind tries to control it, when the heart knows what it wants, nothing can stand in its way. It all comes down to finding the one true love, whether it is with your heart or head, or both.

And when you find it, make sure you love with all your heart and not lose your head while you are at it.



Reema Arora

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