Maintaining a healthy relationship with your parents

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Having a healthy relationship with your parents may seem daunting at first but, you don’t want to regret having missed out time later when you are older.


With school, friends, jobs, and relationships it gets hard to always stay connected with parents. Here are some relationship tips to follow in order to keep in touch with your parents:

  • Go on a date:

Nowadays, the schedules of everyone in the family seem to be hectic and busy. Ask your mom or dad to go on a date to some place you have been to with them in the past or someplace that has special meaning to them from their own childhood. Separate dates for both your mom and dad are best because then you can allot each of them the most amount of personal time. Good topics to talk about with your parents would be some past memories of you growing up and maybe ask them more about their own childhood. It might even surprise you how much joy it brings them to reminisce about their past growing up.

  • Review your grades with your parents:

This can be a scary thing to do especially if you are not good at school but, it will create a good habit. Not only will it help hold some responsibility for yourself but, it will also prove yourself to be that more honest with your parents.  Parents always appreciate honesty and will interpret your honesty with responsibility and admiration.

  • Have your friends meet your parents:

This can be fun for both parties! When your friends meet your parents, they will get a kick out what family similarities and differences there are. Your parents will appreciate the honesty in your truth of what kinds of friends you hang out with.

  • Talk to your parents about your relationships:

Fill them in with your status on dating and how your friend relationships are. They will be happy that you have some level of trust with them and that you respect their advice. Through this they will even have some respect for you as a son or daughter. You might even be surprised by how well their advice works out for you. Remember they were kids once too!

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