Menstruation is NOT the End of Your Social Life

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Untamed hair and a zit won’t stop you from going on with business as usual, it’s your menstrual cycle that has you going up the wall.

The thought of an uncomfortable situation or an unexpected menstrual cycle ruining your social life is enough to have you riding low when your next cycle rolls around. But with the proper protection and taking the necessary precautions to avoid any embarrassing situations, you can still maintain a healthy social life even when Mother Nature pays you her monthly visit.

Type and Size Matters
Depending on what activity you have next on your agenda, the proper protection may come in either the form of a feminine napkin or tampon.

When you’re in a pool or at the beach, you’ll want to stay away from feminine napkins because they’ll dissolve in the water and if there’s any fluid in the napkin, you may be in for an upsetting situation.

In case tampons be the protection of choice, using the right size of protection is just as important as using the right type.

With tampons varying in sizes from light to medium to heavy and super or ultra, deciding which size to use might be somewhat difficult.

The criteria used to decide what size to use is a simple one that can be applied to both the use of tampons and feminine napkins.

It depends on the heaviness of your flow. For example, a light tampon or napkin is recommended for light days and perhaps the last days of your cycle when you might have a lighter flow. But a more absorbent tampon or napkin should be worn only for days when your flow is heaviest.

In the case of sanitary napkins, a panty shield or feminine napkin with wings will usually prevent leaks and serve as double protection.

Avoid Un-ODOR-nary Situations

You should change your tampon or napkin as often as possible. Why? Because you want to avoid any unpleasant odors and because you should keep with a healthy hygiene.

We suggest you change your tampon or napkin every 4-6 hours and shower daily, especially during your menstrual cycle. In case you feel or notice your tampon or napkin get saturated before that time frame, using a more absorbent tampon or a thicker pad will solve the problem and lessen the chances of an odor emerging.

Anticipating Your Menstrual Cycle

Aside from taking the necessary precautions to avoid becoming stained or having an unpleasant odor, you may be able to make more of your activities if you plan ahead and not allow Mother Nature to catch you by surprise. You’ll want to keep track of your menstrual cycle by jotting down some basic information.

It is more important during your first menstruation periods because they will not be consistent due to the changes in your hormones.

Therefore, writing down what day you last menstruated, the duration of it, and the heaviness of the flow will help you anticipate when you’re more than likely to get your next monthly cycle.

Keeping track of your cycle has other benefits that can help you and your doctor understand your body better.

If your cycle is heavy and less than 20 days apart, for example, you’re at higher risk of becoming anemic due to the excessive loss of fluid, so tracking how long your cycles lasts can also be key in assessing your health.

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