New Year Rituals: Good Luck, Money, and Love

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New beginnings are a chance to start over, commit to new resolutions, and try new things.

Try out these New Year rituals and expect the very best for 2022:

What are your plans and resolutions for 2022? Learning a new language, traveling, planning your Quinceanera? Whatever it is, we got you covered!

New Year Rituals for Good Luck

– Cleaning your house on the last day of the year will get rid of last year’s grudges, fears, and negativity to welcome a new year of opportunities

– Eating 12 grapes at midnight in 2022 and making a wish or resolution prior to eating each one is one of the most popular New Year’s rituals of all cultures.

New Year Rituals for Money

– Receive the New Year with some cash in your hand to guarantee good finances and cash flow for 2022.

– Eat a spoon full of lentils or place a few lentils inside a bag and carry it on your purse or coat not only on New Year’s Eve but for the whole year to keep the money coming in.

New Year Rituals for Love

– It is believed that wearing red underwear inside out will attract a new love in your life

– If you want your long-time crush to finally ask you outdo the following:

Borrow a gold ring from your family members, place it in a champagne glass, pour some non-alcoholic holiday punch then join the family toast at midnight and drink up.


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